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Mainetti has been supplying high-quality PPE to businesses around the world to safeguard their employees, customers, and communities via the brand of MainettiCare. MainettiCare is synonymous with superior quality and exceptional service.
BFE 98%
PFE 98%

MainettiCare x KINGFA

Mainetti is pleased to announce a strategic distributor agreement with Kingfa Science & Technology Co Ltd, one of the largest personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers in the world. This new collaboration will enable Mainetti to support the stable supply of PPE to global major markets. Leveraging Mainetti’s established global supply chain network, the partnership will complement Mainetti and Kingfa’s existing sales offices while expediting delivery times and border clearance.

Trendy B.Duck - branded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Exclusively launched by MainettiCare, our range of personal protective equipment includes high performance Disposable Masks, HK96 3D Face Masks featuring nanofiber filter technology (reusable for up to 96 hours), Non-alcoholic Hand Sanitiser Foam, Antibacterial Mask Cases and Folders as well as Full-Length Face Shields.

MainettiCare x Intertek

As part of Mainetti’s long-standing commitment to quality, it has also engaged Intertek Group, an international company specialising in quality assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services, as its global compliance partner to safeguard the national quality standards requirements of PPE products sold under MainettiCare.

What HK96 is so distinctive?

HK96 face mask utilises the nanofiber membrane as the filter to block harmful particles and pollutants in the air. Even after the usage of up to 96 hours, the filtration can still exceed ≥ 98% for BFE, PFE and VFE.
Another feature is high breathability. The testing result is 30% better than the single use disposable mask. It is the best companion for doing sports.
High filtration efficiency (after using 96 hours) :
BFE 98%
PFE 98%
VFE 98%

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