3-Ply Ear Loop

Disposable • Soft Lining • Ear Loop Design

BFE ≥ 98% | PFE ≥ 98%

17.5cm(W) x 9.5cm(L)
Individual Pack

Made in Hong Kong


  • Materials: 3-ply – melt-blown filter placed between 2 layers of nonwoven fabric 
  • Color: Blue with white lining
  • Size: 17.5cm(W) x 9.5cm(L) (±1cm)
  • Function:Reliable barrier to respiratory droplets Complies with EN 14683 Type IIR and ASTM F2100 LEVEL 2 Sandards Filtration Efficiency : BFE ≥ 98%, PFE ≥ 98% Splash Resistance: 120 mmHg (16,0 kPa)


  • Disposable
  • Pleated fluid resistant outer layer for adjustable coverage
  • Soft moisture-absorbing inner layer
  • Elastic ear loops


1. Perform hand hygiene before putting on a face mask
2. Ensure that the face mask is oriented properly
(outer layer, nose strip properly positioned)
3. Extend face mask to fully cover the mouth, nose and chin
4. Mould the metallic nose strip over the nose bridge
5. The face mask should fit snugly over the face

Distributed by Mainetti HK

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